This Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Jail & Bail event will see 10 ‘guilty’ supporters arrested and charged with their ‘terrible’ crimes (entirely fictitious, of course). They will then be banished to the cells of Oxford Castle and Prison, only to be released if they can raise £999 in bail money.

Each prisoner will be picked up in a police van, escorted to Oxford Castle and Prison and taken to the crypt by the prison guard, who will then lock them up with their only means of communicating being a phone and laptop. In order to get themselves released from prison, they have to reach their bail money of £999 each. All in just one day.

Exciting news, everyone, Sarah Stevens is one of the “prisoners”. On 11th October, she’ll be stepping into an Oxford Castle ‘prison cell’ for a day to raise funds and create awareness for Helen & Douglas House who help local terminally ill children live life to the full, even when that life is short.

Her crime – Without exception, always eating the last biscuit in the packet…. and not replacing them!!

Here’s where YOU come in: She needs your help to raise funds for her bail. Every donation, big or small, brings us closer to our goal and makes a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Let’s rally together and show the power of community! 🤝🙌

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