The Value of Difference – creating and benefiting from a culture which values difference

First came “Equality”, then “Diversity” and now the focus is on “Inclusion”.  From the perspective of leadership, are these simply 3 balls we need to simultaneously keep in the air?  Or, are they integral to how we actively create value in our business?

In our webinar on Wednesday 9th November at 1pm, Sally White, Director and Founder of SYLO Beyond HR, and Elizabeth Adlington, Executive Coach, will ask, How do we create and benefit from a culture and way of working which values difference?.

In the session we’ll explore:

  • How do you measure and know how well you are doing?
  • What are the benefits & challenges?
  • Some of the components required to start building an organisation that understands and works actively to value difference
  • Where to kick start transformational change – going beyond the intention of a group of people.

Inclusion becomes possible when an organisation focusses on the foundation of Equality and actively seeks out Diversity.  By organisation we mean the collective effort of all people who choose to focus on creating an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.  However, inclusion takes more than the intention of a group of people, but their efforts must be supported by systems that enable rather than divert or disable.  When people and systems work effectively together to embrace difference through inclusive thinking and working then we can start to create real value for your business.

So, why not join us for this virtual and interactive session at 1pm on Wednesday 9th November and see how you can ensure your actions are matching your intentions to be an inclusive organisation or leader.

Just book online here, or if you cannot make it, please contact Sharon and she will ensure you get the follow up pack.

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