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Working as a digital and community officer for SYLO, I bring together business communities and create content for SYLO’s social platforms. I have a post graduate degree in Games Design, but saw my skills take effect in promoting, engaging and creating for different gaming communities. I love social media, video editing and creating engaging call-to-action content to get a community really involved! Sarah and Sally have given me the opportunity to put my content creation and community building skills to practise within SYLO.

Q) What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

A) I travelled to America to go to Disneyland in Orlando with my family. We went to a water park called Blizzard Beach. I am not a confident swimmer, so water rides are a little terrifying for me. Against the odds, I psyched myself up enough to ride the Summit Plummet, a 120-foot drop. The slide was as terrifying as it was painful – VERY!

Q) Who or what makes you laugh?

A) I love the internet’s humour! I enjoy surfing the web in my free time for the latest internet jokes, memes and funny content.