Rosanne Baptiste

My experience in HR spans across 15 years in various roles and I have established myself as a confident, solutions focussed, and skilled HR leader. I have spent the last 4 years as People Operations manager, where amongst other things, I Introduced a Shared Service platform and defined and implemented Service Level Agreements, for the People Operations Team.

I have led and partnered with my designated client groups including Group Directors, in order to deliver team and organisation wide initiatives as a trusted, reliable HR Business partner.

As well as holding CIPD Level 7 in HRM, I am a qualified ILM Level 5 coach and having experience as a leader, has allowed me to manage, mentor and develop team members to achieve their career aspirations.

I have a strong passion for general HR administration, including capability and skills build as well as HR Operations; ensuring that policies and procedures remain up to date and fit for purpose.


What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

That would definitely have to be riding in a cable car, over some mountains, in Japan a few years ago while visiting Mount Fuji. Riding in a cable car is something that I had previously sworn that I would never, ever do, until it presented itself as a surprise on the Mount Fuji tour on a visit to Tokyo. The cable car was rather noisy and crowded and the 3 minutes each-way felt like an eternity. I was not confident that we were going to make it across the peaks and back!

Who or what makes you laugh?

Easily; my husband and daughter (almost every day), some occasions more ‘corny’ than others. They both have unique ways of bringing humour and laughter to any situation along with joy.