The Client
Centre for Effective Altruism

Founded in 2009 as ‘Giving What We Can’ the Centre for Effective Altruism has grown significantly into the organisation it is today. In 2019 they granted $9.8 million (their highest annual total so far) to a variety of causes through Effective Altruism Funds. The effective altruism community is a global community of people who care deeply about the world, make helping others a significant part of their lives, and use evidence and reason to figure out how best to do so.

The Brief

We were asked to undertake an audit of their HR systems and documentation across the UK section of CEA, as well as providing day to day HR Operational support to 50 employees and contractors, in 2019.

This included Right to Work checks, onboarding both UK nationals and non-UK nationals and support of an annual immigration audit.

Our Approach

The HR Audit highlighted the need to update the organisation’s policies, procedures and handbook, with a more “user friendly” version so that it could be used as a reference document rather than a tome to be read through from cover to cover.

As the organisation grew it became apparent that a HR System was needed to allow individual employees to self-serve their holiday requests and personal information, as well as accessing the updated, GDPR compliant, contract and policies. Breathe HR System was installed by SYLO and administered by the SYLO Breathe Guru, Sharon. The implementation of this system allowed remote access to all the HR documentation, so when lockdown happened, they were in an ideal position for the workforce to work from home with the HR administrative support they needed.

CEA now has in excess of 75 employees and 100 contractors, more than tripling in size over the past 3 years.

SYLO worked in partnership within the Operations team, to support and help maintain all the HR essentials needed to allow the organisation to grow quickly and expand their contractor base. The new systems, policies and procedures also ensured CEA maintained their integrity and GDPR compliance. This support was an integral part of the on-going retained HR advice service that SYLO provides, allowing access to expert advice without needing to employ someone in house.

With the complexity of this global organisation, it was critical that the immigration rules were followed, on boarding processes managed efficiently and the team provided with continuity of support.

Client Contact

Director of Operations Josh Axford
The Outcome

I’d recommend SYLO Beyond HR and their brilliant team, especially for organisations scaling up and growing. At CEA we have been working with SYLO for 3 years now and we’ve been very happy with their continued support; they are knowledgeable, professional and offer a really wide range of useful services, helping us grow the organisation in a sustainable way.