The Client
Viterra UK Ltd

Viterra UK Ltd is part of the Viterra Group. Viterra’s network of storage, processing and transport facilities spans 37 countries, employing more than 17,500 people worldwide.  Their talented people and decades of experience makes them a world leader in connecting producers with consumers to supply traceable, quality controlled agricultural products.

Their ambition is to build strong and lasting relationships with local producers and consumers alike, matching supply with demand.

They have over 50 years’ experience trading within the UK with a reputation for fairness and integrity.

The Brief

Having previously worked with Viterra, we were delighted when Jane Connor, Human Resources Manager of Viterra in Thame , contacted us to help prospective new team leaders to transition from their current roles towards future leadership. The brief required them to become confident communicators and gain greater understanding of how they can become effective team mentors, on the way to becoming team leaders.

Our Approach

SYLOs’ Lead Trainer André Bozon worked closely with Jane, to create a Team Leader training programme that would be both engaging and interactive, while teaching the participants the skills they will need to be confident in their Leadership skills, whilst also being able to Lead their teams to get the best out of them.

The training course was for 1 day and covered the following:

  • Being a Team Mentor – excitement and concerns about their new role
  • Team Leader Cycle – confidence in their strengths and where they need to improve.
  • The Mentoring Mindset – how to mentor a team successfully
  • Communication Skills – how we communicate via different channels and the impact of these channels
  • Mentoring the Best from Others – understanding the role and behaviours of a great mentor

The course was designed to be engaging and encouraging – like the leaders André was teaching the delegates to be!

Client Contact

HR Manager Jane Connor
The Outcome

The training was a great success!

“I thought it was an excellent course, really interesting and I’ve come away with a lot of knowledge. André was fantastic, really engaging and encouraging – like the leaders he was teaching us to be! I’d say we will have all come away with a new skill set and will be working in a different way because of it. Thank you so much for organising.” Imie – Delegate

“I found the course extremely helpful and feel much more confident about managing people as we progress in Scotland. Andre was very engaging and covered all bases of being a leader/ mentor. He was also good at using scenarios that we would come across in our jobs. Lots of helpful tips and structures to use going forward!” Lucy – Delegate