What is Counselling?

Counselling is the means by which one person helps another through purposeful conversation: a process in which two people meet to explore personal problems and identify solutions. Counselling attempts through face-to-face or virtual sessions to help with problem-solving, providing a space for the person to reflect, identify issues and reflect on emotions and responses.

Why should you invest in Employee Counselling?


Employee counselling can provide support to cover a range of topics from depression, anxiety, and overall mental health supporting your team’s overall wellbeing. Whether through team or individual sessions, counselling can help alleviate feelings and behaviours. Employee counselling can also provide support for specific situations, such as bereavement which can impact the ability of a person to produce high-quality work in both the short and long term. This not only impacts themselves, but also all those around them and, potentially, your business.

Why should you use SYLO | Beyond HR for Counselling support?

By employing the expert resources of an HR Consultancy, such as SYLO | Beyond HR., at the very start of the process; you can ensure that by identifying who and why particular employees need Counselling support, you are assured that you are providing the very best, for not only your employees but also your organisation. We can ensure, for example, that this support is an integral part of your Employee Wellbeing Strategies and Leadership Skills training.

Our newly launched mental health platform, Paranimo, has access to 100’s of counsellors so you can be matched to one suitable for your circumstances. Paranimo provides individual confidential sessions to help with specific issues whether personal or workplace challenges and our Counselling support is structured as follows: –

  • 6-week cycles of Counselling (total of 6 hours over 6 weeks); although this can be varied based on need
  • This can be evening support and weekends but we can be flexible around your team’s needs to schedule this during the working day
  • Sessions are scheduled at 1-hour maximum and can be by phone, video and possibly, face-to-face depending on the location
  • The Counselling is suitable for over 18-year-olds only

Employee Counselling


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