In light of the current circumstances we are working in, we are frequently being asked what does the law say in relation to managing home workers and ensuring their safety when using Display Screen Equipment (DSE).  Many organisations are looking to continue working in a similar manner after lockdown.  How can we ensure the safety of our homeworking workforce going forward?  We are going to need to be versatile, as well as protect our Employees health and wellbeing.

Homeworking tips during COVID-19

We have put together some tips to help you with this process.

  1. Ensure you have a Homeworking Policy – This Policy should incorporate both Health and Safety AND Human Resources requirements for those who ‘regularly’ work from home. This will ensure that Employees have a Policy that they can refer to and answer their questions.
  1. Ensure that Home Working Assessments are provided to those who ‘regularly’ work from home. This should be defined in your Homeworking Policy (in Tip One).  These can be self-assessments.  They should be regularly reviewed if there are changes in circumstances or, at least, annually.
  1. Display Screen Assessments should be completed by all persons who are deemed a ‘User’ under the DSE Regulations.
  1. We also need to make sure that they have a suitable workstation setup, so a Self-Assessment Workstation Assessment should be completed. (The Policy, in Tip One, should detail what the Company will provide/pay for/support and how this will be managed.)
  1. Detail your expectations for your Employees i.e. hours, times available and frequency of calls.
  1. Assist your Employees with Check-ins on a regular basis, to ensure that they have a one-to-one opportunity to share and raise concerns etc.
  1. Many of us are currently sharing workspaces with people we have never had to work with before, so think about learning/working differences; sharing diaries; sharing Wi-Fi or having a Wi-Fi Schedule, as part of any review we can provide you with tips and advice with any review.

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