The Client
Jonas Software – International Software Company

Jonas Software acquires, manages, and builds industry-specific software companies globally. It has acquired 95+ companies and currently has over 2,500+ employees.

Jonas Software realised that they needed more generic and management skills training.

The Brief

Jonas has a respected culture of training and development globally. With the specific nature of their business, they use specialist training companies to provide business-specific training. They recognised that they also needed more generic and management skills training across the business, so asked SYLO to provide these programmes.

Our Approach

Through meeting with and discussing their needs, we were able to define some programmes that would work for the breadth of people within the business. We started with essential skills such as communication and time management and then moved onto more developmental skills, including project and change management.

On a regular basis, we review the next phase of training with the business. This has evolved to providing Jonas with information regarding the range of skills and behaviours that we cover. From this, they highlight the skills to prioritise. We will then develop solutions to meet these requirements.

Client Contact

Training Advisor Claire Madle
The Outcome

We have been working with the SYLO | Beyond HR. team for over five years now and, in this time they have proven proactive, reliable and flexible.  Their approach to training development and delivery is clearly client-focused.  ​The ​training delivery has been adapted​ to different levels of people within the business as well as different needs, ​plus the impact of some of the team being in different countries. They come with new ideas regarding programme content and delivery techniques too,​ which has allow​ed us to be agile in ever changing situations​, especially prevalent this year.  The feedback from delegates is that the programmes are both educational and enjoyable.  Most of all, though, I know I can rely on SYLO to deliver a great programme on request, making my job managing the training easier.