• Freezing replacement or recruitment of non-critical roles
  • Reducing commitment with outsourced partners
  • Reducing reliance on contractors or temporary workers
  • Assessing transferable skills and redeploying staff. Preparing to cross-train in the event of having less staff due to business needs or a number of employees resigned, self-isolating, ill or deceased.
  • Restructuring due to different business needs, new revenue streams or foreseen reduction in work


  • Freezing pay
  • Temporarily reducing pay by agreement e.g. 10% for 3 months – please contact us if you need a template letter seeking employee agreement to a variation of their contract.
  • Discuss with employees or ask for volunteers to take sabbaticals or unpaid leave. Employers may need to create a new company policy as required. For help creating a new policy of for a template letter for unpaid leave please email us.
  • Review annual leave arrangements and company policy e.g. ask employees to take booked annual leave even if holiday plans cancelled; ask employees to take some annual leave, employers must give twice the number of days notice of days you require them to take e.g. 14 days notice to take weeks leave.

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