What is Outplacement Support? 

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Businesses may need to consider options around their business operations and this may include the need to, unfortunately, reduce their employee numbers. However, by offering Outplacement Support to affected employees you enable them to move forward positively with their careers and make the redundancy experience as constructive as possible. Outplacement Support provides help, direction and guidance to employees in finding new roles. For example, this support can incorporate activities such as CV review, interview training and preparation, tailored one-to-one coaching, general job search advice and an overview of career assessments. 

Why should you invest in Outplacement Support? 

It is a common question, ‘why should we invest in helping people who are no longer our employees?’ The reason for this is to demonstrate that your company and brand values are mindful of their employees. It also signifies genuine care for them.

In turn, it helps maintain your company’s reputation whilst showing the employees who remain with you, that as a business you will do the best you can for all your employees. Even if they must leave, providing Outplacement Support for your employees is essentially giving them an opportunity in a world of uncertainty.

Why SYLO | Beyond HR. for Outplacement Support? 

Outplacement Support ServicesUtilising the resources of an HR Consultancy, that offer specific Outplacement Support (not all do) has distinct advantages, especially if you also employ them to help with the full redundancy process. Here they can provide end-to-end support and advice throughout, enabling you to avoid the many pitfalls (financial, legal and social) associated with this difficult and upsetting process.

By employing the expert resources of an HR Consultancy, such as SYLO | Beyond HR., at the very start of the process; you can ensure that from identifying who and why particular employees need to be made redundant through the consultation and notice period to providing Outplacement Support services, you are assured that you are legally, financially and socially providing the very best, for not only your employees but also your organisation.



Connect with the HR experts who understand people and the essential part they play in the success of your business. Be the employer where your employees will want to make comments like these:

“All the help I’ve received has been brilliant – it’s helped me deal confidently with the unexpected challenge of having to leave an Organisation that’s been such a massive part of my working life. Thank you.”

Nick, Oxon, on Outplacement and HR Services in Oxfordshire, SYLO | Beyond HR.

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