Colin Barnett

I partner with organisations to develop their recruitment strategy and employer brand; creating a compelling proposition that attracts, excites and engages potential employees, in line with the business development strategy.

Whilst we’re still in a candidate-driven market but economic uncertainty gives candidates a sense of ‘risk v reward’ when considering a career move, a well-developed, authentic and consistent employer brand will give an organisation strong advantage over their competitors in the war for talent.

This sees me working across the entire candidate to employee lifecycle; clarifying recruitment market positioning, salary and benefits competitiveness, how to target both active and passive candidates, compelling advert copy, a clear call to action and an engaging candidate experience right through to offer. Then ensuring a comprehensive onboarding and early days induction experience, where the employer brand promise continues to deliver once a candidate joins the organisation.

Employers’ recruitment and retention challenges can stem from a number of factors, and I strongly believe in ‘falling in love with the problem’ first; knowing how to ask the right questions to facilitate this. This experience comes from hundreds of client interactions over 30+ years and across all sectors.

Q. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

A. Skiing the Vallée Blanche; 18 kms of world-famous off-piste. Starting at nearly 3,800 metres on the slopes of Mont Blanc, it drops down to the town of Chamonix past crevasses and seracs and through deep powder snow.

Q. Who or what makes you laugh?

A. Micky Flanagan. Just search for ‘it tastes the same and it costs less’.