HR recruitment Oxfordshire

A generalist recruiter with 30+ years’ experience delivering end to end recruitment solutions to all the clients I work with. Early years were predominantly working with global FMCG companies – FMCG Mosaic, Field Sales Solutions and CPM, providing recruitment strategies for their third party sales teams.

Laterally at CPM I was supporting the recruitment of in-house roles within a large corporate ranging from Administration level roles to more senior Director roles across Office Support, Financial, Sales and IT. With a collaborative approach and an ability to influence at all levels of the business, I streamlined the recruitment process providing a more effective solution from start to finish.

For a number of years I have been part of SYLO | Beyond HR’s expanding team providing significant support to their clients in many sectors and to candidates, throughout the recruitment journey. The ability to quickly identify a client’s requirements vs a candidate’s fit has resulted in many successful hires time and again.

Q. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

A. Probably after a long weekend in Barcelona celebrating my husband’s 40th, having to drive through the dead of night across the Pyrenees and through France to catch a ferry home as all flights out of Spain had been cancelled due to a 3 day French Air Traffic control strike.

As the only member of the group who had a driving licence with them this was the only option as we had to get home – very scary, I can tell you.

Q. Who or what makes you laugh?

A: My children all day long!!