As one of the founding owners I stepped (full time) into the role of Managing Director in July 2023. I am a highly motivated and experienced HR professional with a reputation for combining strategic thinking with detailed delivery. CIPD qualified with a strong track record of achievement in start-up and large corporate organisations, I have experience in all aspects of HR management including resourcing, training & development, project management, expatriate management and generalist administration.

I enjoy my role as a calm supportive advocate for colleagues and team members, motivating and inspiring them to deliver. As a highly networked HR professional, I have built my skills and experience within both public and private sectors in a range of industry sectors including Banking & Finance, IT, FMCG, Healthcare and Consultancy, as an employee and as an independent professional.

I have used my calm and supportive skills to further qualify as a Mediator. Quite simply because I love a tricky situation.  The role of the Mediator is not to provide the answers or solutions, but to simply guide and facilitate the arrival at the point of consensus agreement. When an agreement is reached by all parties it’s a great feeling. 

I bring my experience from managing complex projects (at all levels), for companies including; HSBC, PwC, Coca-Cola, and Cadbury Schweppes.

Q. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

A. Hiring a car in Swaziland and driving across the border into South Africa – without telling any friends or family where I was or, what I was doing!

Q. Who or what makes you laugh?

A. Michael McIntyre and LadBaby.