In her third Blog, Clare Sandman, trained in Psychotherapy, continues her advice on how you can manage your own Mental Health, at home and at work.

How are you since lockdown lifted?

I’m not sure whether I have noticed many differences, there is an underlying sense and feeling of freedom but visually, everything is still looking the same. Is this a time of celebration or should we be wary?

Looking after yourself is very important, therapy continues to be a space for me personally to remain centered in a world that feels slightly chaotic. Ensuring we stay healthy in our minds is important.

Looking after yourself is very important, therapy continues to be a space for me personally to remain centred in a world that feels slightly chaotic.  Every week I have personal 1-1 therapy, where we discuss the week; the impacts, the highs and the lows, helping to normalise my mental health and giving my head a routine.


Counselling Support for BusinessesWith a long summer ahead where everything feels the same yet craving holidays, space and some air to breathe, the word ‘Boundaries’ keeps coming out to play.  It started to make me think more and more, have you set firm boundaries between your home life and work-life?  How do you even set boundaries if you are working under a Hybrid Working model bought on by the pandemic? And, how many of you feel trapped by work, isolated at home, or wondering whether it was just you who felt the enormity of being and feeling stuck in the same work or home space? How do we help your mind stop, think, breathe and reflect on its current state in a safe environment.

Counselling Support for Businesses

  • Boundaries enable you to set guidelines on how you want to be treated.  Ensuring your relationships with people are respectful and appropriate, whether at work or at home.  Have you grounded yourself and enabled yourself to firmly say ‘yes or no’ to certain challenges recently?
  • Boundaries enable you to maintain self-care and self-maintenance.  Have you done something just for you today and do you have a plan for the coming months?


  • Boundaries enable you to tune into your feelings and give yourself permission to feel the way you want to.  How often have you done this recently?  Do you need help?
  • Boundaries enable you to identify what you can tolerate and what you need to ‘kick out’ the way or back over the boundary wall.  What makes you uncomfortable and why? Have you really sat and thought about what makes you feel anxious or stressed every day?  Hold those thoughts, really feel them and decide what you do next with them and reflect.
  • Boundaries lead to empowerment.  Embrace your boundaries and start to feel you are leading the life you want to live, breathe and enjoy.


If you are still looking for advice on mental wellbeing during this time of uncertainty, you can read my past blogs on feelings and self-care.

people support for businesses

Do you need help in creating your boundaries? Maybe 6 counselling sessions over the summer months may help you, guide you or support you. ‘YOU’ being the important word today.

If you need professional support, for you or your team, SYLO |Beyond HR offers a confidential Counselling service.  Contact us on: 01844 216290 or and we can provide the options that are right for you and your employees.