What is Mediation Support?

mediation support

Mediation is a support tool that is used to resolve workplace conflicts or disputes. Often described as a form of alternative or informal dispute resolution (ADR) it’s less formal than undertaking grievance and disciplinary procedures or, indeed an employment tribunal. It does, however, follow a structured approach.

The role of a qualified Mediator is to facilitate discussion, not to provide solutions. Our trained Mediator, Sarah, will act as an impartial third party who facilitates a meeting between two or more people in dispute to help them reach an agreement. Although the Mediator will oversee the process, any agreement comes from those in dispute.

Why should you invest in Mediation support?

It is often a swifter way to find a resolution to a difficult workplace situation. The aim of Mediation is to:

  • Help both parties hold open constructive conversations that would usually be considered, too difficult
  • Help both parties understand and empathise with each other’s emotions, circumstances, and situation
  • Explore all parties’ issues and concerns and, use joint problem-solving to find a fair and suitable solution for each side
  • Encourage open communication and establish sustainable, workable relationships
  • Help all participants develop the skills to resolve any future workplace difficulties for themselves

Why should you use SYLO | Beyond HR. for your Mediation support?

mediation support for businessesUtilising the resources of an HR Consultancy, who offer specific Mediation Support (not all do) has distinct advantages, even if you also employ them to help with a full HR service. Providing end-to-end support and advice on an ongoing basis enables you to avoid the many pitfalls (financial, legal and social) associated with a difficult workplace situation, which will undoubtedly have implications on the wider team, and the organisation.

By employing the expert resources of an HR Consultancy, such as SYLO | Beyond HR., at the very start of the process; you will ensure that by identifying who and why a particular situation requires Mediation support, you are assured that you are legally, financially and socially providing the very best, for not only your employees but also your organisation. The size and structure of our organisation ensures we are able to provide impartial Mediation support even though we may have worked with you for a while.

Our Mediation Support package is run by a fully qualified Mediator, whose duties include:

  • Deciding and then managing how the Mediation will proceed
  • Acting as an impartial referee in assisting the parties to try and settle the dispute
  • Maintaining confidentiality regarding all communication and matters that arise in the Mediation. This includes the terms of any settlement reached by the parties
  • Reaching an outcome Agreement that becomes legally binding when each party (or their representative) and the Mediator signs a copy of it
  • This Workplace Mediation Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales

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A couple of quotes from our Mediation clients:

“Thanks again for your skill and effort in helping us both to reach an agreement,” and “Thanks for all your very hard work this week and last. I appreciate it.”

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