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As the pandemic somehow fades into the background and the benefits of home and hybrid working are firmly understood, we need to consider how to successfully interview remotely too.

This is vital right now as the volume of opportunities continues to outweigh the number of suitable candidates. It really is the ideal market for candidates so how can interviewers maximise their approach so that they attract the best candidates? Let’s not forget, candidates can find all kinds of advice on how to improve their technique.

This is a perfect time then to reflect, re-adjust and if necessary, adopt some new disciplines to be that stand out organisation.

Here are some key thoughts then to help that process.

Correct Structure?

Have you got the balance, right? The WASP (Welcome, Ask, Supply, Part) mantra where the focus is on Ask section indicates that 75% of the interview should be focused on creating a dialogue with candidates that fully explores their experience, the nature of opportunity they are seeking and how it fits with the role that is available. Here competency-based questions and active listening need to be fully deployed. But what about the Welcome, Supply and Part – how well prepared and consistent are these? Are any of them overrunning such that the 75% Ask is compromised?

EQ More Important Than Ever?

Another powerful tip to successfully interview remotely is to consider emotional intelligence. The IQ element continues to be an area of focus but dialling up the EQ or emotional intelligence has never been more important. We really need people in the team that can connect with others when predominantly the conversations will be remote. To explore this area, you might need to drill into how they manage challenging situations all the way through to their values and beliefs, understanding their resilience along the way.

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Body Language Is Still Key!

Don’t give up on your and their body language just because you’re not F2F. Consider setting the camera closer to you and use this to draw them in. This closeness leads to openness and is led by the moves you make.

Professional Approach!

I’ve already touched on being fully prepared and consistent but remember this is ultimately an external meeting. As such have you dressed correctly, is the backdrop sending the right ‘corporate’ message (that bookshelf need tidying?) and are you energised and focused?! You need to conclude any previous meetings at least 15 minutes in advance to ensure the candidate gets to see you and your organisation at its best. Be inspiring!

Human Approach?

This may sound a little counterintuitive but why not send the candidate an overview of you? Even your LinkedIn profile? As a step to selling yourself and your company it sends a powerful message that you understand the importance of people.

Similarly ask some key questions as to how the candidate fared in the Pandemic – the good, the bad and the ugly things that emerged. What did they learn about themselves and others? Many people did amazing voluntary work or informally supported a neighbour whilst others got involved with testing. What inspiring answers might you get here?

Are You Attracting the Best Candidates?Online job interviews

There’s huge wealth of attitude and intelligence out there that needs to be tapped into but we must continue to diversify our approaches to reaching the best candidates. There’s no doubt that Millennials and Generation Z expect to work in an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment. So, if you haven’t built this into your thinking before now is an excellent time…

Crystallise Your Thinking

Of course, the HR Managers amongst you will have interviewed consistently throughout the last couple of years but this won’t necessarily be the case for managers within your organisation. What experiences have you had that add to the points I have raised above – spend a moment capturing that. What help might the managers need?

In conclusion

With these tips, you should successfully be able to interview remotely. After all, this is an ideal time to reassess how you remote interview – it’s here to stay. You’re having to push hard to attract the best candidates and you need to ensure everyone is optimising the interviews they are delivering…

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Steve Oliver Executive Coach and TrainerSteve Oliver

Executive Coach and Trainer

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