Why do  Peer to Peer Networking and what are the benefits? Peer to Peer Networking

We’ve all heard the sayings that two heads are better than one and that a problem shared is a problem halved – in the case of Peer to Peer networking, that certainly has been the case for us at SYLO Beyond HR, our partner Databasix and our Clients.  

Peer to Peer Networking (P2P) is a national networking programme for SME leaders who want to grow and develop their organisation for future success; for businesses with 5 or more staff, it’s fully funded support to develop their senior or middle management.

Benefits we experienced: 

  • Having in-depth conversations with likeminded businesses about shared problemsA good example of this was testing out a different approach to our own business strategy and how to move it forward 
  • Bringing a vision of a new service to life  more recently we trialled our new HR Diagnostic tool and report with some of our peer group and through their insights and feedback, improved the customer experience and outcomes of the report.

Collaborating with Databasix 

Data Protection

It was spending time together during the programme that gave Kellie Peters, CEO at Databasix, and Sally White CO-Founder of SYLO the idea to collaborate more closely and design the Workplace Data Protection Diploma. We’ve had wonderful feedback from our first cohort and look forward to launching our next programme from January 2022. More information on the Diploma in Workplace Data Protection can be found here. 



I’ve found myself in really supportive environments, hearing about different challenges and sharing solutions had relevance to our business and was also useful as we provide business strategy as well as HR consultancy support to clients. It certainly added value to my experience, both personally and also for my business, SYLO | Beyond HR. 

With all that said, what does Peer to Peer Networking look like in Oxfordshire, how to sign up and what is involved? 

220 Oxfordshire businesses have already benefitted from the Peer Networks programme, representing a wide range of sectors with the next groups starting in January 2022. Businesses that participate will receive 18 hours of collaborative problemsolving support. They will also get 4 hours of one-to-one coaching, mentoring or business advice, and will be connected with a range of wider business support opportunities  

Click here for further details, and if you’d like to apply for the P2P Networking programme, you can do so here.

We wish you well on your journey to success.

Small Business Owner SYLO HR Thame

Written by Sally White
SYLO | Beyond HR. Director